The UbiOS is the command center at the heart of the world’s most ubiquitous communication device. The easy-to-use technologies and features let you customize your UbiDuo experience to make each conversation you have your own. Change your font size, adjust the font and/or background colors, or access saved chats – the UbiDuo’s UbiOS offers all of this on a simple touchscreen and keyboard. UbiOS is sComm’s proprietary face-to-face communication operating system for the UbiDuo. Initially developed for the original UbiDuo, this OS has evolved to support additional features for the next generation UbiDuo, including touch-screen support for the 7-inch color display and additional commands to customize the split screen communication experience.

This is the main menu of the UbiDuo, which provides access to the three main functions - the split-screen conversation window, the settings screen, and saved conversations.

The settings screen lets you adjust a variety of options to customize the UbiDuo to your individual preferences.  You can also detect other UbiDuo units within range, set the time and date, configure your UbiDuo ID, or perform administrative functions such as updating your UbiDuo’s firmware.

Get the latest upgrades in a flash. Enjoy thousands of hours of effortless communication, face-to-face and without barriers. Electrify communication with the UbiDuo.