Robert Cooper

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Operations & Business Development
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Favorite Saying: 
"It isn't what you do, but how you do it." - John Wooden
Favorite Ubi Story: 
Several common hospital stories which kept point out the use of UbiDuo in a deaf patient's hospital room goes beyond that deaf individual, other deaf family members were able to interact with many of their hearing family members who don't sign during the visits. Interactions involved lot of real quality time and intense, complete conversations. The entire family realized they have been missing out a lot, which brought almost everyone to tears, despite all those family reunions and annual holiday dinners over the past 50 years for one family. A pair of sister-in-laws were talking for hours during one day of visit, something they have never done before! All of these families in stories noted about how easy and accessible UbiDuo was, especially whenever nurse or doctor popped into the room anytime rather than having to wait until the interpreter shows up, which delays were often apparent in the past.  One family stated that they don't have to rely on interpreter for all of other times throughout deaf patient's one-week stay at hospital, which they remembered how awkward and distracting the interpreter could be in the past, and they appreciated the complete privacy throughout that week. As one hearing family member saw through that UbiDuo would be also useful for many other patients who are hard of hearing, late-deafened or have obstructions to speech or even family members with such alignments can be visiting someone, she asked whether UbiDuo should be mandatory in all hospitals as a part of complete Health Care package in addition to interpreters, and asked, "Isn't that a wonderful relief from everyone's burden?"