Lynn Boettcher

Job Title: 
Media Coordinator
Favorite Hobby: 
Walking with my dachshunds and other outdoor activities included traveling.
Favorite Saying: 
“Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it.” - Hermann Hesse
Favorite Ubi Story: 
I always intend to bring my UbiDuo along to visit Banfield Pet Hospital.  One day I forgot to bring it along, the vet gave her gesture “TYPE” towards me.  I told her that I was sorry that I forgot to bring it.  We were awkward to write back and forth.  It was not efficient.  Anyway, the UbiDuo is champ. I love to use UbiDuo to talk with my vet about my beloved dachshunds’ concerns and health issues because of smooth transition in communication.
In my addition I wish my beloved grandma would be here, she will love UbiDuo.  Why?  I always visited my grandma, she could hear me coming.  She stood up and was always ready to hand a paper and pencil before I stepped up the stairway from the entrance and made my eye contact to her.  We hugged before she gave me the paper and pencil.  We wrote back and forth for a few hours.  We talked anything even discussing about her will.  I knew that she wanted me to know everything happened around her center of attention and also she wanted to know what was my lifestyle since I was away.  I believe that the UbiDuo would be very efficient for my grandma.

Short job description: Be responsible for build up new media as communication tools inclusive but not limited to fulfilling the photography and video needs of the sComm.  In addition to taking photos and video them into appropriate materials and contribute to sComm’s emerging strategies to incorporate new media as a communication tool and an integrated part of the sComm brand.