Jon Northcraft

Job Title: 
Sr. Communication Solution Executive
Favorite Hobby: 
Snow Skiing
Favorite Ubi Story: 
One of my favorite UbiDuo stories comes from right here in Raytown, MO.  Over our 5 years in Raytown we have grown to know the community here as well as the people who serve Raytown, after having several community events in our headquarters.  That being said the Police departments knows who we are and what to do.  Several months ago, a Raytown police officer came running into our office saying he needs to borrow UbiDuo NOW!  There was a medical emergency a few miles away involving a deaf citizen and the EMT's had no way to communicate with the deaf citizen.  I immediately gave the officer the UbiDuo off my desk and he quickly drove off to the scene.  The officer returned the UbiDuo a few hours later telling me how well the UbiDuo worked in giving instant communication for the EMT and officers on the scene and promised that they were planning the purchase of the UbiDuo in next years budget.

Short Job Description: Sales - helping you understand how the UbiDuo can be most beneficial to you and your situation.  I am proud to be sComms longest standing employee, I have been here since the beginning of the UbiDuo and know it can benefit you.