Jason Curry

Job Title: 
Favorite Hobby: 
Working out, snow-skiing, reading entrepreneurial/business books, investing in real estate, and driving my 67’ Mustang

Favorite Saying: 
"If you are going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill
Favorite Ubi Story: 
My all time favorite UbiDuo experience was finally talking to my dad in his office for the first time with the very first UbiDuo prototype back in 2006. Dad and I were finally able to express our thoughts and emotions to each other freely across on his office desk. After the first few minutes of communicating on the UbiDuo, the conversation went so deep where we didn’t experience that before. Another moving experience was watching Peter Downey interact with all of his hearing co-workers on the UbiDuo and carrying on through the day in the job without any communication barriers at Sam’s Club. It was just one of the most magical moments just observing Peter become free like a bird flying off the tree branch.