Ginny Templeton

Job Title: 
Customer Service Coordinator
Favorite Hobby: 
Favorite Saying: 
"Be fair. Treat the other man as you would be treated." Everett W. Lord
Favorite Ubi Story: 
I believe we used this in a newsletter.  I think Maryann has great courage.  She has gained the independence she sought and is now able to live in an apartment on her own with a friend. sComm had heart enough to give her the cords she needed to charge it as she had no money to pay for them.  Maryann reciprocated by telling her story for us. My name is Maryann and I am a 25 year old lady who uses an UbiDuo face to Face communication device and I’m going to share my story. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and hard of hearing, it was always difficult for to understand what people were saying, I’ve learned to lip read a little but it is very hard to understand everything. As I got older my hearing got worse to the point that I lost all of my hearing, and I had to rely on lip reading alone. It’s really hard being deaf and not be able to understand others, I was struggling a lot and always being left out on conversation, and being ignored. I was really frustrated because my mind is normal I wanted to know what were being said, and it was really hard for me not to understand what people around me were saying. I needed to find a way for people to communicate with me easier. One day my speech therapist introduced me to an UbiDuo face to face communication device, and it made a big difference in my life, and had to get one of my own. Since I’ve had the UbiDuo people are now more comfortable talking to me, and most importantly I am now able to understand what people are telling me. I’m not being left out on conversations anymore, and am even being able to join in conversations by using the UbiDuo to speak as well, I’m not able to speak either, and having the UbiDuo also enables me to say what I want and need. Having the UbiDuo opened up my world, I use my UbiDuo at my volunteer job sites, I work in a special school with small children, and the teachers are able to tell me what my tasks are and even what the children are saying. I also volunteer in an office at a Museum doing clerical work, and the people are able to explain the job to me, and I’m able to understand my tasks clearly with the UbiDuo. It also helps me at church as well, the speaker types to me most of what he’s says, and I’m able to understand most of the message and that’s very important for me. I love to laugh and I enjoy when people tells me things that makes me laugh, thanks to that help of the UbiDuo people can make me laugh too! With the UbiDuo I’m able to understand others clearly and I’m able to use it to speak as well. Without the UbiDuo I would not be able to do the things I do, or do things I enjoy doing. It’s amazing how that device changed my life.

Short job description:  Assist customers with questions regarding UbiDuo functions, Troubleshoot user problems, assist customers with installing software updates, facilitate repairs when needed.