Emma Curry

Job Title: 
Vice President
Favorite Hobby: 
Bicycle riding is my favorite sport. Reading, writing, travel are my favorite hobbies.
Favorite Saying: 
“You don’t have to know what you are doing or be an expert to change something important in your life that you want to change. Just begin. Begin.“ “Something is better than nothing. In fifteen minutes, you can see something you will remember the rest of your life. Don’t say – 'Oh, that’s not enough time.' Take the fifteen minutes. Better to spend 15 minutes at the US Capitol than never see The Capitol at all. Better to travel all night on a train to spend 1 hour in Venice, Italy than never to have seen Venice at all!”
Favorite Ubi Story: 
1) With his UbiDuo in front of him, Jason Curry, CEO, was sitting alone at a table in the lobby of the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C.. He had finished a meeting showing the UbiDuo to a representative from the International Deaf Olympics for consideration to use them at the Olympics. The Deaf Olympics representative had just left the hotel. Jason continued to sit on the couch thinking. Another man who had been watching their conversation from the side walked over then and said to Jason: “What is that?” as he pointed to the UbiDuo. Jason motioned for the man to sit down opposite him at the table. Jason explained on the UbiDuo the purpose of this communication device is for communication between people who are hearing and people who are deaf. Jason clearly was making his point that the UbiDuo enabled conversation at any place and any time since this man is hearing with no knowledge of sign language; had never communicated with a person who is deaf before; and yet they were having a lengthy conversation. After Jason finished explaining in detail about the UbiDuo, sComm, and his goals for people who are deaf, Jason said to this man. “Now tell me what you do.” The man responded: “I am an assistant to the President of the country of Rwanda in Africa. My president is at The White House right now visiting with your President to talk about the issues in our country.” He and Jason talked on and on about Rwanda and their lives for about a half hour. This is my favorite all time UbiDuo story because: When does a person who is deaf get to talk in complete detail to a perfect stranger who is hearing and have the opportunity to accidentally meet someone who is the assistant to the President of another country. Jason and this man continue to be friends today. All because of the UbiDuo. 2) A young man who is deaf had applied repeatedly for jobs to do maintenance work, work in car garages, helper for construction throughout a 4 year period, any position. He did not receive one job offer. He did not want to continue receiving government support. In exasperation, he contacted sComm and asked to borrow a UbiDuo to apply for some jobs so that he could go without an interpreter. As a result of using the UbiDuo, that young man is now employed full time in a large car dealership in the section where cars are refurbished, cleaned, and repaired for resale on the lot. He communicates on the UbiDuo with the manager of that area and the other workers throughout the day. This young man does this with a UbiDuo right on a metal rolling stand beside where he works. Both he and his supervisor are solidly satisfied with how the UbiDuo has made this possible. The worker receives clear information about what he is to do. His job satisfaction is high. And the satisfaction of his supervisor is high as well. This young man and his wife who is also deaf are invited to private parties at the homes of his co-workers. They attend and take the UbiDuo with them to those events where they talk to the other friends during the whole event.