Deaf and Hard of Hearing Job Seeker Services

UbiJobs offers a wide range of employment services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing job candidates.

Job Preparation
  •  Customized Action Plan
  •  Face-to-face training and coaching
         Communication Skill Assessments
         UbiDuo Training
  • Workplace Etiquette Training
         Soft skills
         Workplace Accommodations
         Self-advocacy skills
         Disclosure of disability
  • Job readiness
         Completing work history
         Developing resume and cover letter
         Identifying job goals
         Searching for jobs on-line
         Completing and submitting job applications
         Practicing interviews
         Understanding employer expectations
         Submitting to background check
         Job retention skills
         Transportation options
         Assistive technology needs

Guided Placement
  • Assistance and support from UbiJobs staff
  • Resume
  • Job applications
  • Research potential job leads
  • Mock job interviews

Customized Placement
  •  Action Plan
         Analysis of interview skills, transportation options and assistive technology needs
         Identify employers matching Individual Plan of Employment (IPE) Goal
  •  Employment
         Analysis of assistive technology related to employment
         Assist with job leads and openings
         Job interview practice
         Customize the resume for specific job position
         Job Satisfaction
         Continuous support from UbiJobs Staff
         Maintain job stability (if needed)

Job Coaching
  •  New Skill Development
  •  Employment Stabilization
  •  Any other issue (s) such as communications, safety, or personal hygiene

Community-Based Work-to-Hire
  •  Work-to-Hire (job tryout) related to customer’s objective
  •  Evaluation on consumer’s work performance

Employment Research
  •  Assessments (Find specific job that interests the consumer)
  •  Create a summary report on customer

Purchasing Support
  •  Research on each item (s) or service (s) for pricing
  •  Create a report on each item or service
  •  Upon approval, assist customer by purchasing and delivering

Supported Education
  •  Assist customer in completing required documents and purchasing books and supplies
  •  Support and empower customer to request accessibility for the classroom (on-site or off-site)
  •  On-going support on various issues during the semester

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact:

Voice: 816-350-7001
Videophone: 816-527-8339

If you are currently a VR customer, please contact your VR counselor first for a referral.