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100% One-on-One Communication Equality: Zero Bluffing, Zero Frustration, Zero Communiphobia

A Letter From Our Co-Founder and CEO:

We want to give everyone 100% one-on-one communication equality. We are passionate about liberating people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing from bluffing their way through conversations, frustration about what was said, and Communiphobia because they cannot communicate their thoughts easily. Our passion leads us to create the best face-to-face communication technology to give rich and invigorating communication experiences for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing.

sComm helps people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing interact with each and share their professional and personal lives’ most meaningful experiences. The way a moment of barrier-free face-to-face conversation with another person is more meaningful than being isolated, sharing our collective experiences makes our lives richer and more fun.

We create the world’s most ubiquitous communication devices.
You have the right to communicate, and our UbiDuo makes that possible. Lastly, you can learn more about sComm below. Enjoy!
Communicate freely,

Jason Curry
Co-founder and CEO

About Us

sComm is a worldwide leader in face-to-face communication technology for the deaf/ hard of hearing community. With the next generation UbiDuo, the privately held company continues to revolutionize the way more than 37 million Americans with hearing loss communicate with the rest of the world. sComm is relentless in its efforts to transform face-to-face communication for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people and will not rest until it has achieved 100% one-on-one communication equality.

Our Story

The UbiDuo was born out of pure frustration. David and Jason Curry, father and son and co-founders of sComm, sat down for breakfast one morning and struggled to carry on an in-depth business conversation, free of misinterpretation and confusion. Enough was enough. David Curry came up with the idea for the UbiDuo that day, sketching on the family’s kitchen whiteboard his vision for a simple, yet revolutionary product that would forever change the way he communicated with his deaf son.
"When I saw him draw that design out I knew that was the device that was going to change the world for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing."
-Jason Curry, Co-founder and CEO

The family sought to make their dream a reality by obtaining two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institutes of Health in 2005. Through the grants, they were able to test the feasibility of the product, determine if it improved face-to-face communication between deaf and hearing people, further identify product features and develop the first UbiDuo prototype. Just like that, one family’s efforts to achieve meaningful and treasured personal connections through communication brought the same life-changing triumph to millions of other deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals across the world.

Our Staff

My all time favorite UbiDuo experience was finally talking to my dad in his office for the first time...
The day - after years of trying to think of a good way for deaf and hearing people to communicate with...
Vice President
1) With his UbiDuo in front of him, Jason Curry, CEO, was sitting alone at a table in the lobby of the...
Office Manager/Bookkeeper
I have spent my whole life around the deaf and hard of hearing.  My father employed deaf/non-verbal in...
Media Coordinator
I always intend to bring my UbiDuo along to visit Banfield Pet Hospital.  One day I forgot to bring it...
Sr. Communication Solution Executive
One of my favorite UbiDuo stories comes from right here in Raytown, MO.  Over our 5 years in Raytown we...
Operations & Business Development
Several common hospital stories which kept point out the use of UbiDuo in a deaf patient's hospital...
Customer Service Coordinator
I believe we used this in a newsletter.  I think Maryann has great courage.  She has gained the...
Technology Innovation Coordinator
I have several favorite UbiDuo stories and all of those stories shows how Deaf and Hard of Hearing...
Warehouse Coordinator
I have had a doctor appointment and an sign-language interpreter that I knew very well came and I felt...
Communication Solutions Executive
After seeing that person for years, I finally received and used UbiDuo with my friend. Eventually we...
Customer Service Coordinator/Social Media

Talking with my 8 year old niece on the UbiDuo

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