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What We Can Do For You
  • Workplace Etiquette Training
  • Identifying Job and Career Goals
  • Searching for Jobs Online
  • Practicing Interview Skills
  • Participating in Mock Interviews
  • Job Placement Coaching
  • Employer expectations
  • Job retention skills
  • Soft and hard skills
  • Accommodations in the work place
  • Self-advocacy skills
  • Matching Job Seekers with right Employers

What's New

sComm has expanded its service offering to include career coaching and placement to the deaf and hard of hearing job seeker. We are passionate about serving this community because we are part of this community. With growing adoption of the UbiDuo, the next natural step was in helping match job seekers with potential employers, while helping those employers prepare for and integrate deaf and hard of hearing into the workforce. Take a look around. You are always welcome.

DeafTechNews - Analysis of the difference between the UbiDuo 1 and the UbiDuo 2. 


January 26, 2013
sComm Headquarters - Raytown, Missouri

Microlink is proud to announce the official UK launch of the UbiDuo 2 at Deaf Day 2013 in London. Deaf Day is an event where 3,000 deaf and hard of hearing people gather at one location in a huge annual event - packed full of exhibitions, workshops and entertainment geared to everyone who is interested in deaf issues.